How to avoid paying the expensive ColdFusion license fee?

Building web applications in ColdFusion can be expensive. Although there is a vast community of developers constantly engaged in building libraries and modules in ColdFusion, by the end of the day, it comes from Adobe and the company isn’t exactly known for releasing open source or free source development platforms. According to the information available […]


What is a Web Hosting Company?

There are several explanations for what a web host really is. You could say that it is a service that offers storage space for websites online. They have a number of servers and can rent out space for you who want your website to be visible. They offer you both customer service and do their […]


Dedicated server, what is the purpose of it.

This article will explain what a dedicated server is, what its purpose is , and how to use it. Concept of server A server within the computer world is a platform that provides data and information to users. In practice, it is impossible to use the Internet without actually using servers (server in plural) since […]


What is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is easily explained as a form of electronic credentials for websites, and it is used to send encrypted information between the browser and the server. All your data is thus sent encrypted and remains private to unauthorized persons. There are three different types of SSL certificates (with different security […]