What is a Web Hosting Company?

There are several explanations for what a web host really is. You could say that it is a service that offers storage space for websites online. They have a number of servers and can rent out space for you who want your website to be visible. They offer you both customer service and do their utmost to make your website work as smoothly as possible.

Web hosting is a type of internet space that you can rent when you create a website.
• A large part of all websites are stored with a web host to be visible.
• Different web hosts offer different functions and different amount of space.
• The service can be used to upload websites but also to create e-mail addresses.

Different types

There are different types of web hosting, although they work in much the same way. The most common type is shared web hosting. This means that several websites are placed on one server. How many websites are placed varies between different web hosting companies, it can be a few hundred to a few thousand. Shared web hosting is the best option for anyone using a web hosting for the first time. They are usually a bit cheaper compared to other alternatives and most of the websites that have a place are those with lower traffic levels.

How does a web host work for you as a customer?

The simple explanation of how it works is that you as a customer upload your files to a website for a web host’s server. When you “buy” a web host, you must select a domain name and once the files have been uploaded, your website can be accessed from the chosen domain name. Every web host has instructions on how it all works and there is always a customer service you can contact if you need help or do not understand the instructions.