Dedicated server, what is the purpose of it.

This article will explain what a dedicated server is, what its purpose is , and how to use it.

Concept of server

A server within the computer world is a platform that provides data and information to users. In practice, it is impossible to use the Internet without actually using servers (server in plural) since all websites that you visit as a private person or entrepreneur / self-employed are connected to servers. Probably the term server is called when the platform serves the client with their case, namely to use the internet and a specific website for various reasons. In English, serve means just serving someone or something.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server (ie dedicated server) can be rented by either a company or a private person provided by a hosting provider. The server can only be used by each customer and is not shared with others. One such example is the medical record system used by health care providers (both public and private) when the information is classified as confidential due to privacy-sensitive information (social security numbers, medical records, notes from health care personnel and more). Banks also have dedicated servers to protect customer information.

There is no requirement for private companies to be connected to dedicated servers, although it is appreciated by the customers and thus is preferred for the companies.

Purpose of dedicated server

Instead of sharing bandwidth with other companies, you can choose to have dedicated servers. The traffic to websites and online attacks and more can be more easily avoided as these servers are smaller. At the same time, you often have access to completed firewalls and virus protection.

How to use a dedicated server?

First and foremost, you need to find a hosting provider that provides dedicated servers. After that, it is mostly to click and read through agreements, which is easier now than it was just 10 years ago. Increasing knowledge of computers and the internet is required by the customer, which opens up the opportunity for more companies and individuals to use the service in question.